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Government of Nepal
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development
Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board


About Us

Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market is the pioneer organized terminal wholesale market in Nepal where retailers, institutional consumers and other bulk consumers procure their supplies. This market alone covers 60 to 70 percent of demand of Kathmandu valley. For giving an organized shape to the marketing of agricultural produce, especially, vegetables and fruits in Kathmandu valley, Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale Market was set up by then the Department of Food and Agriculture Marketing Services under the Ministry of Agriculture in 1986.


The need to bring improvement in the state of Kalimati market was identified as a priority. Hence an agreement (NEP/89/CO1) was signed in 1989 between Government of Nepal (GON) and United Nation's Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) to construct and equip the market with physical infrastructures. Thepresent facilities are the outcome of that agreement.


In 1995, government felt the need of an independent body for the efficient operation and management of the market. Keeping this in view, Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale Market Development Board was formulated on 13 February 1995 under the Development Board Act 1957. Likewise, with a view to manage the operations of the market in an organized way and ensuring planned development of agriculture marketing, the Government of Nepal has formulated new organizational set up “Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Board 2002” replacing the previous one.